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Sathyanarayana Murthy, a farmer from Amalapuram, swears vengeance on criminals who killed his niece.
woh………woh……what was happening to our intelligence!<br/><br/>we are stealing Hollywood hit movie lines…. Vijaya bhaskar was too much. <br/><br/>In his every movie he got some English movie blended in it. <br/><br/>why?<br/><br/>Don&#39;t you have your mind dude? he used pretty much plot of payback to this about kidnapping his son, phone-bomb sort of thing,Car explosion by petrol.etc… Why. <br/><br/>except for that Robbing, i like this movie for its comedy!<br/><br/>If you Didn&#39;t see payback, then watch this as common audience!<br/><br/>No hard feelings
Certainly it&#39;s another watch worthy movie from Trivikram and Vijay Bhaskar combination. But some how it could not live up to the sky high expectations for a Megastar Chiranjeevi. <br/><br/>Satyanarayana Murthy ( Chiranjeevi ) hails from Amalapuram and comes to Hyderabad seeking revenge for his niece murder which was happened in a park while Arbaz Khan testing his one of his newly purchased Guns (inspired from Hollywood flick Jackal *ing Bruce Willies ) . With the help of his sidekick Venumadhav, he tries to find the master mind behind his niece&#39;s murder plot. He stays in an apartment complex and befriends Shailaja ( Sameera Reddy ), who is living with her parents. Eventually they fall in love. Soon Sathyanarayana Murthy realizes that the master mind behind his niece&#39;s death was an internationally operating Arm dealer ( Arbaz Khan ) staying in USA. Now he seeks the help of Neelima ( Bhumika Chawla) to go to USA. Neelima is an NRI, whose father was also a victim of Arbaz Khan&#39;s activities. Finally the movie ends as Satyanarayana Murthy taking revenge by killing Arbaz Khan. <br/><br/>Actor Performance: Chiranjeevi : (Satyanarayana murthy ). Its really cakewalk for Megastar doing comedy and action role. The scenes where Chiru adopts himself to the city lifestyle with the help of Venumadhav are quite hilarious. His natural ability to dance is clearly shown in all the songs, especially in the &quot;title&quot; song and Thillana Song. The kidnap episode of Sunil (son of a mafia goon, Jaya Prakash Reddy) has some rib tickling moments. Once again Chiru proved his drunken acting skills which always have been his forte.<br/><br/>Sameera Reddy ( Shailaja ) : Its very obvious that she is very poor at acting. She also failed entertaining audience with her much hyped sex appeal. Surprisingly she coped up really well with Chiru in dance. <br/><br/>Bhoomika Chawla ( Neelima ): Despite getting really short footage, she did justice to the role of an NRI girl. <br/><br/>Arbaz Khan: He is adequate as a villain, who ironically recites slokas from epics while killing the people. <br/><br/>Venumadhav, Sunil and Bramhanandam: Comedy by Venu, Sunil and Bramhanandam has some sharp and witty dialogues. This is another typical role for comedy legend Bramhanandam (like Nuvvu naaku nachav and Manmadhudu ) . This is the most refreshing part of the movie. One could definitely feel that Bramhanadam should have been introduced a bit early in the movie. <br/><br/>Technical department: Music by Manisharma has some foot tapping numbers. Camera work is OK. Choreography is really good for couple of songs ( Thillana and Jai Jai ganesha ) . Screenplay by Vijaybhaskar is not up to the mark. He failed miserably in maintaining tempo in this revenge backdrop movie. As usually dialogues by Trivikram are good. <br/><br/>Finally, this movie leaves the viewers much to desire for. This is not a suitable subject for Chiranjeevi. Sameera Reedy is a big letdown. One gets the impression that writer-director duo who have been very successful with their previous ventures could not make a plot that suits chiru&#39;s image well. <br/><br/>Bottom line …. its worth watching.<br/><br/>P.S :: We happened to be part of the movie in the second half ( just couple mins before Thillana Thillana Song that was shot in Las Vegas)

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