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Walker working with the FBI busts an arms dealer. The man in charge pulls a gun and Walker shoots him and his dying words are for him to watch out for his brother. The brother who was out of the country training some mercenaries, upon learning of his brother's death, he takes his mercs and goes to Texas. Upon arriving he uses the FBI agent who worked with Walker to get him. He knocks him out and when Walker wakes up he tells Walker that he's going to have to take on each of his men who have been told to kill him.
This episode had it all, killing, cop drama, mercenaries, and to top it all off a mercenary trainer(whose brother was killed by Walker) has some soldiers of his kidnap Walker and he forces him to kill people for his "trial" in his brother's death. Trivette has to work with the partner of a murdered cop (who died trying to save Walker) and try and save Walker, while Walker kicks ass in a Mortal Kombat-like manner. He has three rounds,errr I mean fights with three different mercenaries (the last fight, he faces 2) There's lots of hilarious banter and lots of amazing kills and the final fight is epic. The fight with the main character Caleb fights Walker in a extremely cliché old abandoned mining town or something and Walker comes to (after every fight he has been tranquilized) with a knife and axe. They then have the most hilariously weird looking knife fight, but you'll have to watch it for yourself, maybe rewind it a few times and really absorb what they are doing to be as amused with it as I am. This makes my top ten list for many reasons.

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